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          Luoyang Aotu Machinery Co., Ltd., located in the world's leading glass furnace production base - Luoyang. The company since its inception always adhering to the "technological innovation, excellence, honest and trustworthy, win-win cooperation" business purposes, the technological innovation and the development of high-tech enterprises, such as glass, The fundamental interests of customers in the first place, has developed a generation after generation of glass deep processing equipment. Such as horizontal roller-type radiation flat steel furnace, radiation flat bending dual-use steel furnace (hard axis bending and flexible shaft bending), radiation double room flat steel furnace, strong convection flat steel furnace, strong convection bending dual-use steel furnace (hard Bending and soft shaft bending), strong convection double room flat steel furnace, continuous steel furnace, hyperboloid steel furnace, profiled curved steel furnace, tempered glass homogeneous furnace and flat curved laminated glass production line, glass cleaning machine. Aotu company produced equipment quality, performance, energy consumption indicators, industrial technology and other related aspects in the same industry are at the leading level, and has a very good domestic and international sales and after-sales network service team, to provide customers with strong technical support And reliable service guarantee, equipment exported to the United States, Britain, Turkey, India, the Czech Republic, Libya, Indonesia, Mongolia, Iraq, Thailand, South Korea, more than 20 countries and regions, glass glass furnace equipment global suppliers.

           Company employees more than 110 people, including mechanical design, electrical design, sales and after-sales staff for the company's core layer, with related industries and above qualifications. Equipment manufacturing process workers are more than mid-level titles and secondary technical schools graduate of technical personnel, research and development design and production level are in the forefront of the industry. "People-oriented technology, people-oriented products." I believe that we have such a strong technical team and skilled production team, proudly stand in the steel furnace industry, to provide customers with higher quality and more efficient products, win more customers The trust and love. "'Austrian' as the pack, the same way 'figure' from". Austrian people will be more full of enthusiasm and more stringent corporate philosophy, a glass deep processing equipment industry in the thriving, and you work together to grow together to create our beautiful tomorrow.

          Luoyang Aotu Machinery Co., Ltd., warmly welcome all corners of the country guests visit, cooperation and win-win situation, and seek common development.

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