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After-sales service
Good quality visible

  Otto company solemnly promise:

         I will be in accordance with the requirements of the contract timely delivery, and send technical staff to the buyer, to guide the buyer to install the technical workers, commissioning, production, the buyer operator technical training. During the one-year shelf life, free spare parts and technical services damaged by quality problems are provided to the buyer.

         Free of charge to the buyer to provide the production process required auxiliary materials related technical information.

         I take the company to track the whole service and dedication to provide customers with quality equipment and good service, the user's production and product quality can be effectively guaranteed. If the user can not solve their own problems, the mainland, the company's technical staff within 24 hours to the scene for technical services.

For the user to create the greatest benefits is my company's service purposes!

  All for the customer, so that customers buy the rest assured, with the Shuxin, repair the peace of mind!