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Analysis of the future development trend of flat glass


      In recent years, due to the impact of the development of domestic real estate,plate glassAs the necessary building materials gradually warming. According to incomplete statistics, from 2009 to the end of 2010, China has a total of 34 new flat glass production line; the first half of 2011 China's flat glass industry, 13 new production lines, while there are more than 30 production lines under construction and the proposed development momentum Swiftly. However, with the introduction of a series of countries in 2011 on the real estate market regulation and control policies, the real estate industry to a certain extent, frustrated and affected with its associated upstream and downstream industries, flat glass industry bear the brunt of
  Relatively speaking, steel, cement and other industries in dealing with overcapacity risk to do the foresight.  2010, the entire flat glass industry profit of 7 billion yuan, the market prospects, to stimulate the investment in this project. The first half of 2011, the domestic flat glass industry profits fell sharply, only 1.4 billion, down 55.9%. Part of the enterprise's self-discipline and did not let the industry to restore rational, but exacerbated the investment heat. In addition to market reasons, the domestic flat glass industry, there are unreasonable production structure, blind expansion and illegal operation of the phenomenon. Due to regulatory loopholes, resulting in the production of some high-tech products under the banner of production, in order to produceNew glassUltra-thin glassSolar glassProducts as an excuse, in fact still engaged in flat glass production.
  "The market is not an isolated link, any industry overcapacity is no accident."
  In fact, the 2011 flat glass market, the phenomenon of substantial diving enough to give domestic enterprises a revelation, the face of the domestic market disorderly competition, should maintain an objective and rational understanding. This is the lack of technology and the overall regulatory brought about by the inevitable consequences of 2012 China's flat glass market should first self-reflection.
  Grievance investment to be rational return

  Flat glass in 2009 by the State Council as the six overcapacity industries, the state to take a series of measures to be controlled. However, the repeated construction of the industry in the past two years has not been contained, but there are signs of intensification. The latest data show that in 2011 the domestic flat glass production 73789 million heavy box, an increase of 15.8 percentage points over 2010. In the first three quarters of 2011, flat glass exports amounted to 2.158 million square meters, an increase of 9.8% over the same period last year; the total value of 11.18 million US dollars, down 13.4 over the same period last year. %.
 "From the market point of view, flat glass industry overcapacity there are two reasons, first of all, their own capacity to build too fast, the entire industry is not rational; second, the lack of sensitivity to the upstream market, the real estate market is tightly controlled when not timely brake."