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Color crystal glass panel market is broad, the development of large space


   [Summary]  Color crystal glass pattern rich, colorful, more importantly, the glass material unique crystal clear to make appliances look "high-end atmosphere on the grade." At present, the home appliance market, the glass panel design ideas have been widely used in various machine factory.

   Color crystal glass pattern rich, colorful, more importantly, the glass material unique crystal clear to make appliances look "high-end atmosphere on the grade." At present, the home appliance market, the glass panel design ideas have been widely used in various machine factory, from the pattern to the color, from texture to texture,Color crystal glass panelCan make the structure of the same home appliances to release a very different personality.
  In 2014, home appliances with crystal glass panel demand remained stable, the industry rough calculation, home appliances decorative decorative crystal glass panel with an annual output value of about 30 billion yuan, with the promotion of new decorative effects and more household appliances category into the color Crystal glass design elements, color crystal glass panel market is still a lot of room for growth.
  Actively adjust the strategy, a solid market position

  In the face of 2014, the overall growth rate of the appliance industry slowed down, VCM board competition for market space and from the crystal glass panel industry within the fierce competition, accept the "electrical" reporter interview Caijing glass panel manufacturers are mostly positive attitude, Peace, confidence in the mentality of their own deployment, steady development.
  Dongguan City Yintong Glass Co., Ltd. relevant person in charge said: "Caijing glass panel in the construction, the field of furniture applications have been close to saturation, but in the home appliance industry has maintained a good momentum of development, at present, Yintong matching home appliances crystal glass panel Business has accounted for the company 's overall business 1/3, the next few years, Silver will continue to increase the home color crystal glass panel market development.
  Jiangsu Xiujiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. in the third quarter of 2014 report shows that the first three quarters of 2014, Xiuqiang glass appliance business continued to maintain a good momentum of growth, an increase of 17.63%, sales revenue grew 8.85%. In this regard, Jiangsu Xiujiang Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Lu Xiujiang said: "Xiuqiang glass household appliances with crystal glass panel to high-end products, to ensure product quality, product differentiation at the same time, to ensure that the crystal glass panel in the Competition in the industry price advantage.In addition, in 2014, Xiuqiang glass to speed up the appliance shelf, cover glass and home appliancesSpecial glassBusiness promotion, through the coating technology to increase the added value of products, enhance the digestion of raw material prices. "
  In 2014, Jiashan Yinsheng Glass Co., Ltd. will achieve sales of 20% to 30% growth, business development momentum is good. According to the general manager of Zou Hongying: "Jiashan Yinsheng Although the industry started late, but the rapid development of color crystal glass panel market share in the steady growth.Although the 2014 appliance industry is not the economy, but with excellent products Quality, with the further cooperation with customers in-depth, Jiashan Yinsheng's business volume is not reduced, but the growth trend is obvious. "It is understood that the future, Jiashan Yisheng will promote business transformation, minus part of the home decoration business, more energy Put on supporting production for household electrical appliance enterprises.
  Nanjing WellcomeGlass productCo., Ltd. in Zhejiang Cixi investment and construction, the new plant will be completed by the end of November 2014. According to Li Bai, deputy general manager of Wellcome Glass, the new plant is completed, Wellcome Glass will have four plate business, Nanjing, head office andTempered glassplant,As well as in Chuzhou, Zhejiang and Zhejiang Cixi production base, then, Wellcome glass crystal glass panel Nissan can reach 6,000 sets. Li Bai told the "electrical" reporter, said: "Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, with an annual capacity of 700,000 to 80 million units in the small and medium-sized refrigerator factory, washing machine factory there are many, the demand for color crystal glass panel, Wellcome glass choice in Cixi built Factory is to meet the production of this part of the enterprise.
  Broaden the design ideas, strengthen product innovation
  "Color glass glass panel manufacturers, there is no innovation without development, there is no way to go." A crystal glass panel production enterprises in charge of a clear attitude. Indeed, Caijing glass manufacturing technology at the end of the threshold, there is no too difficult to overcome the technical difficulties, the only way to make crystal glass panel enterprises to maintain market competitiveness is the way to introduce new patterns, new colors, new effects, new processing technology , Only to develop ideas to engage in innovation to develop steadily.
  In the field of color crystal glass panel manufacturing, innovation mainly around two aspects, on the one hand, improve the art design skills. How to match the color, how to describe the pattern, the glass surface of what kind of special treatment, through what kind of ink and printing processes to achieve a unique decorative effect, with what means to achieve the whole plant design concept, color crystal glass panel production Enterprises should be accurate grasp. On the other hand, for the glass material itself to add more scientific and technological elements. For example, the glass for special treatment, so that it has antibacterial, resistant to moisture, heat and other special properties.
  Color crystal glass panel for the first home appliance manufacturing is the rise from South Korea, home appliances stores, LG, Samsung and other brands are still crystal glass panel decoration trend of the leader. "South Korea's glass printing level is indeed advanced.Design the fineness of the pattern is determined by the print head, South Korea crystal glass is not the same degree of exquisite.In addition, the printing ink is also very critical, directly related to the color of crystal glass panel pure Degree and color expressiveness ". Zou Hongying to "electrical" reporter further explained that "home appliance market, price competition, machine factory is very sensitive to manufacturing costs, to ink, for example, South Korea imported ink price of 500 to 600 yuan per kilogram, domestic ink is only 200 ~ 300 yuan, very different, and for the color crystal glass printing, thousands of square meters of printing on the need for nearly 100 kilograms of ink, simple conversion, if it is a three-door refrigerator, domestic ink and imported ink costs may be different Tens of dollars, or even hundreds of dollars, which the refrigerator factory, the impact is very large.Therefore, the current domestic refrigerator manufacturers rarely use imported ink, and Caijing glass panel manufacturers to do is to improve the level of glass printing , To ensure product quality at the same time, for the whole plant to provide more cost - effective products.
  Shanghai Shuo Star Glass Technology Co., Ltd. and South Korea's Samsung core color crystal panel supplier SI & G company in-depth cooperation, sharing design, ink and printing technology and other core technologies, and the establishment of Sino-Korea cooperation Caijing glass panel R & D center. Enterprise responsible person in an interview with "electrical" reporter, said: "leading the trend of design, cost - effective products and fast and thoughtful service is the core competitiveness of Shanghai Shuoxing lies.
  Jiangyin City Hengfeng Plastic Glass Co., Ltd. also followed the Korean technology, from automaticCutting MachineTo the full range of glass processing equipment, all the glass from the import. It is worth mentioning that, Hengfeng plastic glass has a fully automatic injection molding machine and precision abrasiveProduction equipment,Can be a direct glass of a variety of border injection molding processing, the formation of various types of household appliances can be supporting the color of glass products。
  Dongguan Tai Sheng Glass Co., Ltd. purchased advanced production equipment, hope in the processing technology can be in the field of crystal glass panel production to maintain a "high skill." "Electric" reporter learned that Taisheng glass inkjet production line with multi-axis servo control system and 6-color nozzle high-end configuration, inkjet glass color, image realistic, the maximum processing area can reach 2400mm × 1200mm. Automatic roller printing line speed, high efficiency, can be shortened for the whole machine factory supporting the supply of time, and printing quality and stability, the maximum printing width of 1300mm, length is not limited, the thickness of the glass can be processed 3 ~ 19mm.
  "Xiuqiang glass has become the glass technology many standards of the promoters, is that we always adhere to the 19 years of innovation as a sustained and healthy development of the enterprise power." Interview process, Lu Xiuqiang said. It is understood that Xiujiang glass technology, technology are independent research and development, with its own intellectual property rights. Xiuqiang glass attaches great importance to product development, has invested in the establishment of the glass deep processing research center and new materials research institute, and Wuhan University of Technology and other key scientific research institutions to establish production and research cooperation. At the same time, Xiuqiang glass to strengthen communication with the whole plant, close grasp of customer needs, market trends and product development.
  "Colored glass panels, flower patterns, all kinds of colors commonplace, not enough to drive the enthusiasm of consumers to buy.Currently, Wellcome glass launched with stainless steel effect of crystal glass panel is very popular." Li Bai said, "a lot of consumption Are like stainless steel texture and color, and to glass to achieve the effect of stainless steel is unique, unique glass crystal clear with stainless steel simple fortitude, the effect is good. In addition, compared with stainless steel, color crystal glass panel Lower manufacturing costs, help the whole plant to enhance the appearance of the product decoration at the same time reduce production costs.
  In addition, the "electrical" reporter also learned that September 28, 2014, South Korea Chungnam University Professor YunSun-gil announced the development of new antibacterial glass panels. This is a glass panel coated with zinc nanoparticles, so that it has the antibacterial ability of the technology. YunSun-gil led the team with E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus on different nano-particles for antibacterial tests and found that the antibacterial properties of zinc nanoparticles up to 99.99%, the effect and silver nanoparticles similar to the price is more affordable. In addition, zinc nanoparticles have good light transmittance and are suitable for glass panels. YunSun-gil predicts that the addition of zinc nanoparticles to glass panels can be achieved in the next 2 to 3 years in volume production.
  Open up more applications, to seek greater development
  Seeking to develop, Caijing glass production enterprises to actively expand the scope of business, on the one hand, the color crystal glass decorative electrical panels supporting the model extended to more complete machine class, on the other hand, aroundGlass processingThe introduction of new glass category, broaden the scope of application areas