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Xinyi glass comprehensive acquisition of the United States and the abundance of industry, today or will resume trading


November 7, according to the financial community reported that the United States and the abundance of industry (1.22, 0.00, 0.00%, real-time quotes) (08135-HK) easy to master. (08145-HK) 29.17% stake in Xinyi glass (00868-HK), to 65 cents per share to the United States and the abundance of industry (08135-HK) ) Made a comprehensive offer. At the same time, Lutheran Glass was acquired by Merrill Lynch earlier on the issue of convertible bonds, the entire acquisition involving funds of 256.6 million yuan.

    Lutheran Glass to the United States and the industry made the purchase price per share, compared with yesterday's closing price of 1.22 yuan a substantial discount of 46.72%, Lutheran Glass proposed a total of 34 million shares proposed acquisition, the purchase price of 221 million yuan.

   In addition, the company has planned to issue convertible bonds to settle earlier debits due to the successful issuance of bonds at the completion of the transaction. Xinyi Glass will also purchase the convertible bonds at the same time, While the total purchase price will increase to 256.6 million yuan.

   Xinyi Glass believes that the restructuring of the United States and Feng industry need to be urgent, and the reorganization will benefit the overall interests of the shareholders, so the proposed acquisition, the acquisition of funds will be allocated by the bank financing. After the completion of the acquisition, the United States and the United States will maintain the GEM industry status.